Don't you know where to looking for employees that interested in temporary job?
Are you looking for foreign employees from Easterm Europe to your company or fabric, but dont know how to deal with process?
Effective support for your business
Form of cooperation - agreement with employment agency
Staff selection - provides the most suitable candidates for employers as soon as possible
Spending - you pay nothing until hiring employees, we cover all outlays
Temporary employees
Processes outsourcing
We have the best candidates that will help to develop the real potential of your company. Having temporary employees give opportunity of flexible employment in case of sudden and unplanned increase in production. While reducing outlay of recruiting employees, and even their stuffing, their salaries conculation and administrative service.
We are always guided by quality and integrity - we focus on making long-term and stable cooperation. We're cooperating with more than 50 hiring agencies. We are constantly expanding our offers and look for new ways, to provide the highest level of service to our clients.
Outlay reducing, more flexibilityand even more convince. Sounds attractive? Trust your processes to us. We'll take the burden off your hands and provide you with the best professional staff to support you. Perfect solution for companies, for whom are important: focusing (keeping) number of staff position in needed level, optimization of administrative spendings, optimization processes, keeping confidential information about employment.
We provide employees leasing in two varieties, perfect suited to your company.
Invoice - as form of payment with client
Opportunity of raising employees qualification
Training period for checking how new employees work
Individual approach to client: analysis of needs and business-model. Offer (establishment, setting) individual tariff
Qualified and unqualified employees that are legal in Poland and have valid work permit
Fast response to problems and ensuring continuous employment cause constantly cooperation bilingual coordinator assigned to each client
Work safety. We cover all processes about staying and legal working of foreigners in Poland: job applying, medical check/medical reference, employment contract (agreement)
List of services
If you cooperate with us, you guaranteed get:
Individual approach to clients
Opportunity for using flexible forms of employment: temporary contract etc
Optimization recruitment spendings, employment process

Saving working time HRs of client
Attracting motivated employees that ready to work shirts and overtime
Steps of our work (our work process)
Step 1
Analysis of client's needs
Step 2
Singing contract
Step 3
Recruiting process
Step 4
Hiring and employees legalization
Step 5
Coordination of cooperation
Step 6
Monthly salaries calculation
Steps of our work (our work process)
Step 1
Analysis of client's needs
Step 2
Singing contract
Step 3
Recruiting process
Step 4
Hiring and employees legalization
Step 5
Coordination of cooperation
Step 6
Monthly salaries calculation
Our extensive network of company branches in the CIS and Asia enables us to execute employment and training projects that are beyond the capabilities of our competitors. Like the sun with its powerful rays, we grow, evolve, and shine. We provide employment opportunities for unskilled laborers and professionals with varying levels of qualifications, regardless of language proficiency, for citizens from all CIS countries such as Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, as well as more distant countries like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and work selectively with Nepal, Bangladesh. We also implement projects with the involvement of workers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri-Lanki and country South America.

For the past 5 years, we have consistently focused on the employment of citizens from the CIS, Asia, and Africa in Europe, with Poland being our primary area of operation. Additionally, our company provides services related to relocation, legalization, and training.

Many companies from the CIS and Asia, when seeking employment opportunities for their citizens abroad, encounter unscrupulous or low-quality work from intermediary firms and employers themselves.
However, as a licensed agency, we can assure you that collaborating with us is the best choice for your business. We offer a wide range of job vacancies, enabling you to employ virtually any candidate.
Our well-established system of operations, Bravokjob, will help optimize the time and effort spent on candidate approval and support.

We collaborate with large and stable production facilities, guaranteeing stable compensation for our employees, and the job offers always align with the stated conditions.
Attractive and competitive rates for unskilled workers (logistics, food and industrial enterprises, automotive plants, warehouse) and specialists (welders, electricians, builders, assemblers,drivers and others).
Extension of legal residence (residence permits and permanent residence permits), business trips to other EU countries.

Your direct benefits:
Expanding the range of services provided and entering new employment markets.
Scaling the client flow and increasing the company's profits.
Long-term and stable collaboration on terms beneficial to you.
Access to unique and special offers.
The provision of quality services for your clients within the agreed time frame.

Why choose us?
From the very beginning of our existence, the company has built its relationships with European partners, businesses, educational institutions, and, of course, our clients on the principles of honesty and humanity. We work with clients from all over the world, and we highly value the high standard of services we provide because we are primarily a customer-oriented company.
Compared to competing companies, we are always ready to listen, tailor options to each client's preferences, and ensure timely execution. We select employees wisely, even when there is limited time.
The strong and distinguishing feature of the bravokjob group is that we sow the seeds of truth for people and reap the fruits of confidence in tomorrow. Despite many challenges, we do not change our principles regarding clients and partners; we are not afraid to step up in defense of human rights or aggressively compete for a place in the sun.
This is information for our partners
We are pleased to collaborate with you.

Over more than 5 years of operation, we have developed a system for safe and mutually beneficial collaboration.
Freelancing with BVK comes with no risks — concrete and stable offers, timely payment of rewards.

Are you a recruiter with a candidate database looking for job opportunities in Poland and Eastern European countries? Do you have sufficient experience in this field, or are you just starting a new profession? Whether you work in an office or conduct recruitment from a location convenient for you, we invite you to collaborate!

What are our expectations?
Candidates ready to work in Poland and Eastern European countries in the long term. Our collaboration will be in a highly comfortable format refined over years of work. It's more than just collaboration; you will become part of our team, as demonstrated by our slogan "Portal to high level."

What do we offer?
Collaboration in the form of freelancing or B2B contracts, with the possibility of transitioning to office work in the future
Visa support
Continuous communication with specialists at every stage of our collaboration
A wide range of job opportunities throughout Poland and partially in Eastern Europe
The opportunity to switch to a monthly salary within the framework of remote work with attractive rates for candidates who are satisfied with the work.

What does this mean for you?
You work as much as you want, where you want, and when you want.
Your monthly payment has no limitations – the amount depends solely on you.
You receive daily support from our specialists, making our collaboration run like clockwork.
The opportunity to operate in line with your own values and methodology.

When we say, "work as much as you want, where you want, when you want," we are not joking and not creating illusions. Every recruiter-freelancer knows that we are the best in the market, stable, and cooperative.
For Freelancers